According to Nucor Building Systems, clear span steel buildings are those with open spaces, uncluttered space, and crane support, free from interior obstructions allows maximum use of floor area and operating efficiency. This offers a clean, uncluttered space, ideal for all types of buildings including warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, sports related, and agricultural applications.

ClearSpan’s Metal Buildings combine a traditional steel building with ClearSpan’s unique designs, creating the most versatile and useful metal building.

  • This building utilizes ClearSpan’s truss arches, which are clad with durable metal, providing a strong and dependable metal structure that doesn’t require internal support posts.
  • Features the maximum amount of usable space and high clearances.
  • Designed and built to suit any need.
  • The Metal Building requires very little maintenance and is easy to keep clean and organized.
  • End panels are available in solid metal or with framing for doors.


Applications of clear span buildings according to Rhino are the following

When the maximum amount of interior room to operate efficiently is required, clear span steel buildings are the answer. Some possible applications include:

  • Aircraft hangars
    • Churches
    • Equestrian indoor riding arenas
    • Gymnasiums
    • Indoor pools
    • Indoor sports facilities
    • Indoor tennis courts
    • Large manufacturing plants
    • Large truck or farm equipment shelters
    • School auditoriums
    • Skating rinks
    • Theaters
    • Warehouses

The Benefits Of Steel Framed Homes

According to Clear Span, Steel framing is becoming increasingly popular in residential homes.

Using steel frames for your home offers a number of advantages.  Metal won’t warp or rot and is resistant to termites.   Metal frames also offer homeowners the benefit of longevity as they are strong and more resistant to wind, water and insects.

Steel frames are also a great option for the environmentally conscious as it involves no tree lumbering and the frames are recyclable.

Having a steel frame home won’t impact upon your design and offers a number of labour efficiencies

Braemar Buildings stated that Clear-span metal buildings offer significant advantages over other types of buildings. A clear-span building is engineered to eliminate the need for any type of interior support columns. This provides the largest amount of uninterrupted interior floor space possible. That plus their durability, flexibility, strength and economy makes clear-span metal buildings the most popular type of metal buildings.

A Variety of End-Use Applications

Clear span frames, according to Heritage Buildings, are the most common type of buildings Heritage provides. Clear span buildings offer the space and versatility needed to function in a variety of end-use applications:

  • Grain and Seed Storage
  • Harvest or Crop Storage
  • Machinery & Equipment Storage
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Aircraft hangars

Behlen Building Systems enumerated the kinds of clear span as follows:


This is generally the best frame system when wide-open interiors are desired, such as commercial and industrial installations, hangars, or recreational facilities.


The rafter members allow easy, economical interior framing and finishing. Clear spans are ideal for additions, small arenas, manufacturing and flexible strip malls.


The clean, straight lines of a single slope structure are ideal for retail centers and office facilities, in addition to many other commercial and manufacturing applications. Mezzanines can be easily added for office areas, classrooms, or extra storage.


One of the most effective low-rise structures–ideal for factories, warehouses, or mixed use facilities.

According to Image Buildings Systems, Advantages of Clear Span buildings are as follows

Clear Span buildings have a number of advantages. Here are a few facts:

  • Sustainable Building Features

The fabric covers used on Clear Span buildings work to help in reducing the need for internal lighting, enhancing the natural light component throughout the day. These covers also increase energy savings, promotes indoor temperature regulation and holds reflective qualities that work to your benefit. With low maintenance properties that inhibits the inference of moisture or bacteria growth, the overall air quality is increased.

  • Acoustics

No matter how the building is being used, good sound quality is important. These fabric covers aid in the reduction of outside noise, and echoes that are usually prevalent in large building structures. The structural composition of these building help to provide calm, enjoyable environments regardless of the outside elements.

  • Durability

These structures are very durable, made with high quality triple-galvanized structural steel tubing. The fabric coverings are patented with a specialized weave pattern that is strong, yet light in feel. Designed to withstand rust and corrosion, the covers are flame retardant and weather resistant with a 20-year warranty, meeting all snow load and win regulations. These structures are certified to all industry standards, with certifications in design, engineering, manufacturing and other areas that make a difference in the integrity of this product.

  • Customization

Clear Span buildings can be customized to meet any need. To extend the length of life, anchors are available to keep these buildings safely tethered to the ground. These anchors are temporary, saves money, kind to the environments and can be installed quickly. Other customizable features include the doors, which vary in size and scope; lighting, fans, installation of PolyMax boards, and the inclusion of shutters for those locations that need enhanced air ventilation.

  • Spacing and installation

Clear Span buildings have a quick turnaround installation, which is increased with their turnkey buildings. This is due to the avoidance of internal columns and supports, which can inhibit space. These structures maximize space with soaring heights and clearances that accommodate a variety of uses.

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